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Virtaan Kartano, yksityiskohta kartanon julkisivusta

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MANOR TOUR OPEN TO EVERYONE to Nordenlund and Virtaa manors on 25th July 2024 and 26th July 2024:

  • The price (which will be confirmed later) includes transport, guidance, entrance and coffee.

  • Registration and additional information:
    Raija Hänninen, +358 44 236 2042 or



Repair and exterior painting of the facade of the manor's main building will be carried out during the years 2021-2024.


To do & to see

• kayaking • fishing • hunting •

• berry picking • skiing • outdoor activities • camping • cycling • tennis •

• golf • art • music • theater •

  • Tainionvirta is Finland's southernmost salmon river. Virtaan Manor's Väentupa is an ideal accommodation for fishermen due to its location. Fishing permits are sold by Urheilu-Valonen.

  • The Tainionvirta kayaking route from Hartola to Sysmä is 40 km long, of which the river section is 24 km. The height difference of the route is 14 m. It includes six calm, safe rapids, while offering experiences of "white water". There are four checkpoints on the route, at which there are distances of about 100 meters. Tainionvirta is connected to Päijänne. Päijänne National Park offers wonderful scenery and campsites for boaters as well.

  • The prerequisites for cross-country skiing are either on the well-kept Virtaa village track built in the nearby forests of the Manor or, for example, on the lighted fitness tracks of Sysmä church village's Ohrasaaari.

  • A large conservation area has been formed in the forest area of Virtaa Manor because of its significant nature values. Hiking in the woods, picking berries and picking mushrooms are a relaxing holiday activity.

  • Tennis court available at Virtaa. Ask the host for more information.

  • Golf lovers will find the nearest golf courses in Hartola and Vääksy. Both courses are less than half an hour's drive away.


Links & hints

A few links and tips you may enjoy:

High-quality professional catering for various parties and events

Located on the shores of Päijänne in Sysmä, a unique corporate office for meetings,  for training and recreation needs

Sysmä Flower Shop Kukkametsä

With professionalism, all services related to flower arrangements for parties.

Funeral home in Sysmä​

Professionally all services related to burial.

Fishing and boat trips on Päijänne and Vesijärvi.

Fishing licenses in the Sysmä area

Urheilu Valonen

Experience tourism area in the region of Sysmä and Hartola

Virtaankoski restoration project

Travel and Excursion Service Raija Hänninen

Authorized guide and Geopark guide, excursions and manor tours in the Sysmä region.


Erika Väkiparta

E.g. rental canoes, activities and guided tours.

Cruises on Päijänne​​

Municipality of Sysmä​

A music festival Suvisoitto in the middle of summer

Sysmä Opas

The entire Sysmä in one cover and also electronically, always with you. Events, companies, associations, news...


In Puotirundi you will find nice little shops and cafés to visit.


The rustle of history...

"At Virtaan Manor, the preparation of the sahti was part of the middle maid's duties. It was prepared in a sauna and most commonly sahti was made for Christmas, for Midsummer, Easter and Kinker."



Birgitta Stjernvall-Järvi: Kartanoelämää Itä-Hämeessä, 2009

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