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Virtaan Kartano, Sininen huone

The Blue Room

The Blue Room and the Red Room are unique guest rooms furnished with antique furniture, the specialty of which are the original ceiling paintings from the end of the 19th century made with frames and decorative strips on the paper-lined ceilings of the rooms.​

You can get to know the blue room on the Kartano tours.

Accommodation facilities in the manor's main building are only rented to groups in connection with events.


The rustle of history...

Aurora Karamzin (born Stjernvall, 1808-1902) was a pioneer of social and diaconal work in Finland, who e.g. founded the Helsinki Deaconess Institute.
Aurora was of a noble family and a prominent social beauty in the Grand Duchy of Finland. In 1835 Aurora Stjernvall, the daughter of the Vyborg lord, became a lady maid of honor at St. Petersburg's Winter Palace.
Her most important task was to act as assistant to the Empress of Russia.
She stopped her job as maid of honor after getting married in 1836 with the fabulously rich Russian court master Paul Demidov.
And after becoming a widow in 1840 at the age of 31, she inherited a huge fortune, with which she practiced large-scale philanthropy for the rest of her life. Many places in the capital region have been named after this perhaps 19th-century philanthropist and the most influential Finnish woman of her time, e.g. Aurora hospital, Aurorankatu, Aurora home, etc.



Birgitta Stjernvall-Järvi: Kartanoelämää Itä-Hämeessä, 2009

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