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Virtaan Kartano, Rantasauna, maisema Tainionvirran vastarannalta

Riverside sauna

The Virtaa Manor's Riverside sauna by Virtaankoski on Tainionvirta river is a nice place to spend the evening, from the window of the fireplace room opens a stunning river view. Many work and hobby groups have enjoyed themselves there during the sauna evening.

Accommodation for two.

The Riverside sauna can be booked directly from the manor, click below and send us a message.


The rustle of history...

"In Virtaan Manor, a large load of laundry was washed twice a year, in May and September. The laundry took three to four days. Between laundry days, dirty laundry was stored in large wooden chests in the attic.
Since the laundry was rarely washed, the linen stock had to be quite large.
From Magnus Tandefelt's original inscription, it appears that the manor had
142 pairs of sheets and 137 pillowcases. There were 35 tablecloths and 251 cloth napkins. There were a total of 447 hand towels and, in addition, 196 towels intended for the kitchen. The lady of the manor herself kept count of the linens in the house by marking them with a running number.
A perfect linen wardrobe was the hostess's pride."



Birgitta Stjernvall-Järvi: Kartanoelämää Itä-Hämeessä, 2009

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