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Virtaan Kartano, Punainen huone

The Red Room

The Blue Room and the Red Room are unique guest rooms furnished with antique furniture, the specialty of which are the original ceiling paintings from the end of the 19th century made with frames and decorative strips on the paper-lined ceilings of the rooms.​

You can get to know the red room on the Kartano tours.

Accommodation facilities in the manor's main building are only rented to groups in connection with events.


The rustle of history...

"In August, it was Magnus's name day at Virtaa Manor,
when many guests were always invited to the host's party.
In the 19th century, for the celebration, the rooms were beautifully decorated with vines and flags and if there was a beautiful moonlight in the evening, the guests went for a walk in the manor park.
It was also customary to invite dinner guests to Matilda's name days.
After dinner, the women and men split into different rooms to continue the conversation.
At the party of a hostess from further away, the people of Sysmä went home for the night,
but all those who came from further away stayed at Virtaa Manor."



Birgitta Stjernvall-Järvi: Kartanoelämää Itä-Hämeessä, 2009

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